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While clients are an essential part of any business, being distracted while you are in the middle of other important tasks to schedule an appointment or receive a confirmation call can quickly become frustrating. If the task I’m performing takes concentration, it can be even worse.

Transitioning from one task to another can often take as long as fifteen minutes to return to your former state of concentration. That is a lot of time, when added up, that you are not working at your full potential.

Unlike some types of phone calls, it is difficult to schedule one period of the day to focus entirely on taking these general types of calls from clients. People are always going to call when it is convenient for them.

There is a better system for not keeping clients waiting yet still being productive and on task with essential business operation tasks.

A message taking service will take the short but extremely frustrating tasks and free up your time to concentrate where you are most needed. The added ability to stay focused makes me more productive and I find my list of important tasks gets accomplished in a lot less time than it used to. A message taking service is ideal for any business that has a high volume of these short, but attention-breaking calls that do not require immediate action.

By allowing someone else to handle these calls, you enable yourself to set aside a specific time to handle the messages when it is convenient for you.This saves both time and money in the long run and, even more importantly, it saves you from becoming frustrated and irritable each day.

When you finally interact with clients, you are able to do so in a friendly and professional manner, keeping the client-provider relationship pleasant for everyone.

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