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medical Dental Answering Services

As a dentist who prides himself on delivering excellent customer service to his clients, you are a firm believer that your patients deserve to receive a live answer when they call your business 24/7. Afterall, that live answer is what sets you apart! While you and your oncalls strive to answer each call every time the phone rings, there are times when you may not be able to answer and the call goes straight to voicemail and your patient is greeted by a machine.

Fortunately, we can help. By including Access Answering Service as a part of your after hours strategy, your patients will receive, professional live operator every time your phone rings. You won’t have to stress about missing new patient calls or about missing calls from current patients who are in pain. Your patient is happy that someone answered the phone and is working on their behalf to help them. Overall, everyone is really happy.

Our service features for dental practices include:

  • A live human answering your phones 24/7

  • Patients are greeted in a kind and courteous person

  • Patching calls to you for true emergencies

  • Filtering calls on your behalf

  • Secure messaging: text & e-mail

  • HIPAA trained staff & HIPAA/HITECH compliant technology

To get a quote, call Access Answering Service at (707) 450-4060.

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