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medicalAnswering Services for Medical Practices

Delivering superb customer service in an independent medical practice is crucial and allowing an auto attendant answer the telephone for your after hours calls is simply not enough to show that you care for them; a live answer is the perfect way to show your patients you care about their well being. You work very hard to provide excellent healthcare services to your clients and a live answer is one way to show you care; yet, answering every after hours call yourself, and allowing your phone to control your life, can be challenging. At Access Answering Service, we are very familiar with these situations and we can help.

We have been answering for medical practitioners for over 25 years. Clients include concierge physicians, acupuncturists, natural/homeopathic doctors, and chiropractors. Our team of live operators answers every call with a live answer – no auto attendants – and they are eager to help you and your patient. They want to help you succeed in business and they want to help your patient solve their health problem.

We work with you as a team to develop a custom call strategy for you. The instructions we create together are designed to help you by adding ease to your life, while enabling us to point your patient in the right direction for after hours care. We can help you add a personal touch to your business.

When you become a client of our, you may choose to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Live Answer from our team of professional and friendly operators

  • HIPAA Trained and Compliant Operators

  • Secure Messaging: text and email (right to your phone) Appointments in your calendar

  • Personal touch to your medical practice

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