The Power of Vision

I have been a Referrals for Life client at the Referral Institute SF Bay since November 2014.  The Referral Institute is a franchise that offers classes on developing strategic referral relationships as well as private coaching to help you achieve your business goals through referral. Over the past year and a half, my coach and co-owner of Referral Institute SF Bay, Mickey Griffith, has helped me develop my business and personal vision. My vision is a detailed account of where I see Access Answering Service going in 5 years: what our offices look like, what our team looks like, and how our business helps our employees with their goals. My personal goals are also articulated in my vision.

In a coaching session with Mickey about 8 months ago, I was expressing my frustration about some cultural aspects of the business that I felt needed to be changed and I said that I didn’t know how to go about changing them. After I finished, Mickey looked at me and asked “have you shared your vision with your managers?”

I gulped and said, “no.”

“Why not?” He asked me, challenging me to think deeper.

I thought about it for a moment. I realized that at time that I wasn’t sure how to share my vision and I was a little bit nervous about sharing my dreams and thoughts for fear of rejection. How would they feel about the vision? Would they embrace growth like I did? Or would they think I was crazy?

“I don’t know how,” I said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Let’s talk about how we can help you with that,” Mickey responded.

Over the next few months, Mickey helped me figure out how to share my vision with Sara, our daytime manager, and Pam, our afterhours manager. Both managers have completely different behavioral styles and Mickey helped me realize that I would have to share my vision to each of them separately.

Last week, I attended my fourth vision class offered through Certified Networker. By this time, I had worked on my vision to the point that it was so detailed that you could literally see the office we were working in through the words I used. Mickey, who was leading the class from the front of the room, asked, “who do you share your vision with?”

Everyone looked at each other unsurely and Mickey answered, “Everyone! Because if your referral sources, business partners, and employees know where you want to go, they will want to help you.”

Those words echoed through my brain as I drove home that night and I decided that the next morning, I was going to share my vision with Sara.

When I did share my vision with Sara, I first asked on what she really wanted to achieve in her life and how she felt the business could help her achieve her goals. After she finished telling me about her goals and dreams, I proceeded to tell her about my vision and focused on how this vision can help her achieve her personal and professional goals. It was truly an amazing experience. At the end of our talk, she said enthusiastically, “I’m so glad that we had this talk – it was one of the best talks we ever had.”

What I learned from this experience is that when you share your vision with everyone, you create a community that wants to help you achieve those results. I feel very fortunate that I had Mickey’s help with my vision, he is truly an amazing coach. After sharing my vision, I noticed that our team was reinvigorated and each day has been met with newfound enthusiasm. Everyone in our office has a purpose and it’s great to see our team feel that way. If you are a business owner, I really encourage you to take the time to develop your vision (if you need help, I highly recommend the Referral Institute) and share it with your team – you will be blown away by the results.

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