The Big Game

Entrepreneurs are a lot like hunters. Instead of four-legged animals, however, your big game is your intended buyers. The same techniques used by hunters also apply to finding and drawing in your buyers.

Identifying Your Target

Before going hunting, you need to determine what or who you will be hunting. You can’t hunt ducks with the same equipment, or in the same way, as you do deer. You also aren’t likely to find the two palling together in the same spots. The same goes for consumers.

Take time to create an picture of your ideal customer. Is your customer male or female? What kind of occupation does he have?  What are her normal interests? The more detailed you make your description, the better you will be able to hone in on the where and how of your hunting.

Meet in Their Territory

You aren’t going to find either the duck or a deer meandering their way down a busy city street. You need to go where they spend their most time – at a lake or in the middle of the woods. Your target isn’t going to come to you. You need to go to them.

This holds true for your ideal customer. Before you connect with them, they may not even know you exist. You need to determine which social media outlets they frequent the most. What forums exist that reflect their interests and occupations? Make yourself a part of the communities they belong to. Become active and show them you are like them and know what they need or want.

Make the Kill

Once you have decided what (who) you are hunting, where they hang out and what their habits are, it is a simple matter of using patience and your professional skills to make the catch.

Once you find your ideal customer and have connected with them on a more personal level, it is time to make the sale. Using your professional skills, you can target them with advertising that speaks to them directly and motivates them to make a purchase.

Final Words

Human or animal, the conditions have to be right to accomplish your goal. Don’t expect to catch many deer out on a lake. You’ll be wandering around lost for some time. The same thing applies to targeting new customers–you need to go where they hang out.

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