Testimonial – Access Answers A Need for a Professional 24 Hour Answering Service 2017-05-15T12:21:29-07:00

May 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

Our Company is DELIGHTED to FINALLY have Mariska and her Access Answering Service Team answer our phones! For 13 years, since 2003, we have been trying desperately to answer the phones on our own. This just didn’t work. Growing our business by 10-20% a year, between part time employees and the owner … a lot of our prospective clients were missing the opportunity to work with our great moving company…and we were missing out on thousands of dollars!

Our need was simple. We needed our phones answered. Someone that could answer the phone, who was professional and could even screen our clients for optimum efficiency before we called them back! (What? I know, they even named this format style after us, and we are now considered one of their WOW clients)!

Mariska is intelligent, professional and just great fun to work with to boot! What we gained by having Access answer our phones is beyond SUPER: 1) More time to focus on business priorities, 2) Omitted phone tag with clients, this is huge!, and 3) Time off the phone so we can actually be in the moment with our family and friends …Remember, phones are answered 24/7/396 (yes that’s how good they are, Access actually gives you another 30 days in your year).

Choose your answering Service wisely. Choose Mariska and Access Answering!

Best of luck!

Sean M. – Founder & President, …


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