Start Working with Only Your Perfect Clients

Access Answering Service is having one of the most amazing years we have ever experienced. We have been successfully attracting clients who are a great fit for us and who love our work.

As a result, our staff is happier because they feel valued, our clients are receiving exactly what they want from our service because we are the right fit for each other, and our revenue has increased dramatically. We can even make a bigger donation to our favorite charity, the Salvation Army!

Things weren’t always so great. Last year May, I made the decision to work with a client who was not a good fit for us.

We were both miserable.

My managers and I were working very hard to please her and she was unhappy that we were unable to give her what she wanted.

At the time, I was frequently guilty of taking on clients who were not such a great fit, even if I knew we weren’t a great fit prior to starting service with us.

This happened for a couple of reasons. We were taking on any client because we felt that if we didn’t, the company would fail and we would be left broke and unable to provide for our families!

We also felt guilty turning away prospects because we always wanted to try everything we could to help them and, in our eyes, that meant at least trying to see if it would work. As a result, we were constantly feeling stressed and unhappy.

While I was on my way to a workshop led by Steve Napolitan, business and lifestyle coach, I was concluding my final call with the aforementioned client. I entered the workshop feeling frustrated and stressed.

marketing workshop

Steve, whose positive energy radiates through a room like the sunlight on a beach, started the workshop from the front of the room. One of the first things Steve talked about was how to work with my perfect clients, whom he refers to as “Wow” clients, and how to stop working with “ugh” clients. I knew I was in the right place; I was meant to be there.

Almost a year has passed since that workshop and, within that time frame, I decided to work with Steve one-on-one. The results were incredible.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching with Steve Napolitan

I finally had the courage to say “no” to prospects that we were not the best fit for Access and refer them to colleagues who could do a great job for them. This led to an amazing shift in culture for our team, who instantly felt that they were valuable to all of our clients.

Not only did my professional life change, but I made strides in my personal life, as well.

My husband and I got married, we bought our perfect house, and now we have more time for vacations. We went on our honeymoon to Hawaii in January and we just returned from our first family vacation in 5 years because I can take more time off and make more money thanks to Steve!

family vacation

Many of my friends, colleagues, and clients have asked me about how I have been able to take more time off, create an awesome work environment for my team, and make more money working with only my perfect clients.

Well, I am so excited about all of these changes that have occurred in my life that I am thrilled to give you a gift – an opportunity to learn what I learned from Steve!

Work with Your Perfect Clients

I am inviting you to attend a live webcast hosted by myself and Steve on Thursday, May 11 from 11:30am – 1pm PST.

During this webcast, you will begin to learn the first steps on how to work you’re your perfect clients and stop working with clients who leave you unhappy and drained. Usually, this webcast costs $49 but Steve is generously allowing me to give this webcast to you for FREE.

This is only happening once so you don’t want to miss it. If you are looking to enhance your work and life experience, this is the perfect webcast for you!

Please register by clicking on this link:

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