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medical Urgent Dispatch for Towing Companies and Trades Professionals

At Access Answering Service, we have been providing custom dispatch call handling services for towing companies and trades companies for over 25 years. Our experience combined with our desire to help our clients achieve the results they are looking makes us the perfect match for growing towing and trades companies with fleets of 5 trucks or more. Every client is different and, as a result, every dispatching situation is different. Please see the examples below for examples of how we dispatch calls for our clients.

A typical dispatching scenario will look something like this:

  1. A live operator will answer the call promptly
  2. They will get the information from the caller that you told them to get
  3. The caller will be placed on hold while we contact the oncall
  4. The call is patched through to the oncall if necessary. Note: for towing calls, if the caller is an agency, they will not be put on hold. We will receive the information they give us and provide the standard ETA. If the call is not an agency call, we will patch the call through if the caller is hard to reach and cannot receive calls or if would be more efficient for the driver to speak with the caller than for the operator to go back and forth between the caller and the oncall.
  5. If the call was not patched through, we will hang up with the oncall and provide an ETA for the caller. If our staff was instructed to give a price, they will also give them the price.
  6. Information is sent through text.

How We Dispatch for Trades Professionals:

  1. A live operator will answer your call promptly
  2. The operator will type the following information into your custom form: first and last name, telephone number, address, and what the call is regarding. If there are standard prices for after hours emergency services, the operator may provide that information to the caller at that time. If the caller wishes to proceed, the operator will continue the process of reaching a technician. If the caller would like to wait until the next day, the operator will hold the message for the next morning.
  3. The operator will politely end the call with the caller and send a text to the technician on-call. Since our system has two way texting, we will wait to hear a response from the technician to tell us if he has received the message and that he will be taking care of the client. If we do not hear from the technician within 10 minutes, we will call the technician to ensure that he received the message.

Of course, both of these dispatching scenarios are examples. To find out more about how we can customize a dispatching plan for you, please call us today to schedule a free discovery session.

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