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medical Secure Messaging for Medical Professionals

Not too long ago, we were limited in how we were allowed to contact our physician clients when a patient called with an emergency after hours because of HIPAA. All we could do was call the physician, leave a message on his or her voicemail to have them call us back, and keep trying to get a hold of him or her. If we were lucky, we would get a hold of the physician while the caller was on the line and we would patch the caller through to the doctor. While this is the preferred process for some, it is not the preferred process of all.

Nowadays, with advancements in telephone technology, we live in a world where texts and emails are the norm. Thankfully, we were able to keep up: we can send HIPAA compliant messages directly to your telephone.

No More Interruptions: When we had to call the oncall physician and he or she didn’t answer, we had to continue calling periodically to make sure they received the message. Receiving a bunch of phone calls can be annoying! Now, we can send a text message and we won’t have to bother you with so many phone calls.

Two Way Texting: With our two way messaging feature, you can send a text back to us to acknowledge your receipt of your message. You can skip the step of calling us back and call your patient instead.

Improve Efficiency and Save Money: Patching can be a costly process, especially when considering how much more time is involved with patching calls through. Now, we can take less time to handle the call by sending you a message directly to your phone. We will only call you if we do not receive a response within a certain amount of time.

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