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medical Live Answering Services

When you are the owner of a service business, it is expected that a live person will answer your telephone calls during the time that you are supposed to be available. In fact, over 70% of callers will hang up without leaving a message if they receive your voicemail and it is their first time calling you. Given the statistics, it’s quite amazing how many businesses don’t provide a live answer most of the time.

At Access, we believe in providing a live answer with every call that comes into our answering service. When you forward your lines to us, your callers will be greeted bya friendly live operator with great telephone skills. Our operators want your callers to feel confident that they are reaching the right business for their needs, and they want you to receive the results you are looking for.

What we gained by having Access answer our phones is beyond SUPER: 1) More time to focus on business priorities,
2) Omitted phone tag with clients, this is huge!, and
3) Time off the phone so we can actually be in the moment with our
family and friends …     Sean M., Founder & President 

Let’s work together to enhance your business image and start your relationships with your new clients on the right foot!