One of the Greatest Business Investments I’ve Ever Made

In November 2014, I only knew two things from being in business for myself: my business, which is phones, and that I really liked helping business owners grow their businesses by creating an effective strategy for handling each call and subsequently answering the telephone calls for them.

While this is a good start, I found that this combination of knowledge was not helping me attract clients whom I really wanted. Either the accounts weren’t a great fit or I simply wasn’t getting enough business to grow. I knew that I had to do something if I wanted to change my business and my life.


And Then I Found Asentiv…

Earlier in the summer, I was introduced to a workshop called “Certified Networker: 3-Day Intensive”, now called “3-Day Ignite Your Business”. I would learn the networking strategies to bring me more referrals and clients I love to work with. I was sold. I signed up then and there.

What I appreciate most about the workshop was the level of depth of the information. We spent a considerable amount of time discovering why we do what we do.

When I learned that I love to be a lifeline for my clients, who sometimes feel like they are drowning in phone calls and their business, I couldn’t believe it. It was the most amazing epiphany I ever had!

And when I learned about the referral strategies that would empower me to help my top referral sources grow their businesses while empowering them to help me grow my business, I was amazed.  It was an incredibly life-changing weekend.


A year later, my life was completely different.  

I learned and implemented so many techniques that transformed many lives.  

From a numbers perspective, I increased my closing percentage from 33.3% to 76.9% and I was receiving clients who wanted to be a part of our team.  I was also able to give over $100,000 in revenue to my top referral sources through referrals.

In addition to my outstanding numbers, I experienced results that I did not really expect to see from the class.  For example, through my education, I was able to inspire my team in the office to be more engaged and invested in the company. We painted our office, we replaced our carpets, and we installed brand new telephone equipment, allowing us to serve our clients better than ever.  Our team is happier, arriving at the office with enthusiasm and pride in what they do. I was able to achieve those results because I learned how to share my why and my vision, which I created with Asentiv.

It was one of the greatest business investments I have ever made.

Luckily for the world, Asentiv offers this three-day class to entrepreneurs and business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you are a business owner who is ready to transform your life and your business, this is the best investment you could make for yourself.


To find out more about Asentiv, visit their website or contact Leslie Salazar at 415.720.9945 or

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