No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets

On June 26, Captain Jonathan Harvey of the Salvation Army delivered his final sermon to Kroc Worship, the church services offered at the Kroc Center. Captain Jonathan and his wife, Captain Vickie, were assigned to move to Seattle, WA, to work in that region’s Divisional Headquarters.

For his last sermon, Captain Jonathan Harvey beautifully dissected the words of a missionary by the name of William Borden, teaching the congregation how they can live optimally by following his words.  To summarize, William Borden was born to a wealthy family and when he was 16 years old, he was given a ticket to travel all around the world.

During this trip, he decided to become a missionary and he committed to helping those around them who were in need. He was told that he was throwing his life away and, in response, he wrote, “no reserves” in his Bible. After successfully completing college at Yale, he was offered high paying jobs which he turned down because he was committed to being a missionary. He subsequently wrote, “no retreat” in his bible. Finally, the last thing he wrote in his bible before he passed away was “no regrets”.

While we may not all be missionaries in the traditional sense, the words “no reserves, no retreat, and no regrets” cannot be more appropriate to describe our commitment to our businesses and serving those who need our services:

No reserves: As a business owner, it is important that we have an “intention” for our business and our daily activities for helping our business grow to serve those in our communities who need the services we provide. Many of us commit to working really hard to achieve our goals and, in the words of Captain Jonathan, we “get the job done when it needs to get done.”

No retreat: Sometimes, things get tough in business and every day can feel like a battle. There are times when things get so tough that you may think, “I should just quit and get a job”.  During these times, It is important to remember the intention you have with your business as well as your vision and keep going during those times. In the words of Steve Napolitan, “your service is a gift” and you are giving your gift to those who really need it.

No regrets: We all choose to be business owners for a reason and, since we are all humans, we have all made decisions that we weren’t too happy with. Fortunately, time goes on and every time we make a mistake, it is an opportunity to learn. Rather than regretting poor decisions you made in the past, it is important to use them as information for the future.

As we continue with our everyday lives, remember to keep those wise words in mind: no reserves, no retreat, no regrets.

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