Why You Need to Conduct Client Surveys for Your Business

If you told me that we were heading in the wrong direction with our online marketing last January, I would’ve thought you were crazy.

I thought I had it down: social media, SEO, and a website. Boom! I had it made! Or so I thought.

What I started to discover was that, though we were attracting prospects, most of them were not a good fit for us (and we were not a good fit for them).

What’s worse is that we didn’t even know what our current clients appreciated most about our service; thus, we were guessing what it was that was attracting our clients to us, leading us to implement a marketing strategy that was based on “throw it against the wall and see what sticks”.

We really didn’t even know what to tell our marketing team to do because we were too busy playing guessing games!

We were spending a lot of money with not a lot of monetary results until I attended the More Business More Life workshop taught by Steve Napolitan, a business and life coach who works with business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, coaches, and speakers who have achieved success live the life they want without sacrifice.

In that workshop, Steve, who has helped companies such as Nestle, Charles Schwab, and Apple achieve success with their marketing, teaches successful business owners and entrepreneurs to “stop guessing and start knowing your marketing”.

According to Steve, you need to ask your WOW clients, clients whom you are excited to work with every day and that you wish you had more of, a few key questions to learn what it is that they love most about you and why they chose to work with you.

After this 3 day workshop, Pam, our supervisor, and I got to work. We made a list of our Wow clients and asked them the questions that Steve had us ask.

Our results were pleasantly surprising. Here is what we learned from surveying our Wow clients and why you need to survey your clients for your business:

  1. Find out what your Wow clients really want: When you know what your clients really want, it’s easy to give it to them or point them in a different direction if it is not a service you offer.
  2. Attract more clients just like them: When you use the exact language that your Wow clients use to describe why they love you, you can then use those words in your marketing to attract clients who would use the same words. In our case, we had Entropic Studio build us a new website that really showed the message we were conveying and sprinkled our clients’ words throughout the copy. Only after we did the survey did we take the next steps in creating our message.
  3. Find out where you should be spending your marketing dollars: As Steve will share with you, it’s best to focus your advertising and marketing dollars on areas where your Wow clients spend the most time.

    For example, our Wow clients spend more time on Facebook than Twitter so focusing our online efforts on Facebook will be the most productive for us.

  4. Learn where you can improve: If you knew that there was one small thing you could do for your favorite clients to help them have an even better experience with, wouldn’t you want to know what that one thing is? Having that knowledge can help you make better business decisions about what systems to implement next.
  5. Boost morale of your team (improving customer service): One thing we noticed when we conducted our surveys was how important our team felt when they heard the words our Wow clients used to describe their work. It brought them to a new level, encouraging them to work harder because they felt appreciated and valued. They were so much happier as a result of hearing our clients’ words.

Surveying our Wow clients has been one of the best things we have done to help focus our marketing on the right areas. Since we have conducted our surveys and rebuilt our website, almost every client who started with us this year was a Wow client. Furthermore, our new client retention rate has increased from 75% to 90.9%.

Having the information provided by the surveys can help you focus your marketing on the right target market and the right areas so you can achieve fantastic results. For more information on surveying, check out this video by Steve Napolitan on how you can conduct your own survey.

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