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In April, I attended the National Advisory Organizations Conference (NAOC) for the Salvation Army in Phoenix, AZ.  This 3 day conference was a meeting of all of the local Salvation Army advisory boards as well as the National Advisory board and Salvation Army officers from around the country.

The theme of the conference was “expect change” and in the speech presented by General Andre Cox, the General of the Salvation Army, he asked us to consider the question, “how can we expect change around us if we don’t expect change within ourselves?” I think he has an excellent point.

After pondering deeply about his question in terms of my life and Access Answering Service, I have been able to connect the changes that I’ve made in myself that have impacted the company, our clients, and our community.

Captain Jonathan (who is the Corps Officer for the Salvation Army in Solano County), and Art Stine (our Planned Giving Director), and myself @ Expect Change

Captain Jonathan (who is the Corps Officer for the Salvation Army in Solano County), and Art Stine (our Planned Giving Director), and myself @ Expect Change

We all have a reason why we love our businesses and the services they provide.

For me, I love that the answering service serves as a lifeline to so many service business owners who are struggling to grow the business that provides the income for them to put a roof over their heads while trying to spend quality time with their families.

However, loving what I do is not enough. I knew that we were not doing our clients justice, and that we couldn’t take on more clients, if we didn’t consistently adapt to meet our clients’ needs.

With the help of the Asentiv and other educational opportunities, I had time to reflect on how I can be a better leader and how we can make improvements to help our clients. Through this “enlightenment” process, I have learned how to communicate more effectively with others, improve our office culture, and make dramatic equipment upgrades.

The changes had to happen within our business so we could help others grow theirs.

What is even more amazing about these changes is being able to see how the changes we make within our businesses affects our community.

If we help a plumber increase his sales by 60%, he can hire more employees. Those employees can provide for their families and help others. As he delegates more of his tasks to others, he can focus on other things that are really important to him.

In my case, I proudly serve as the Chair of the Advisory Board of Solano County and I am proud to help give back to my community. I am also able to ride my horses and spend time with my family. As we grow, my employees have opportunities to do things they love while providing for their families.

As you can see, the changes we make within affect others in our community in the form of a “ripple effect”.

Today, I am challenging you to ask yourself, “What changes would you like to see in your community, your business, and your personal life?”

Then ask yourself, “What needs to change within myself or my business for that to happen?”

The answer will amaze you and you will be empowered to make a difference in your life as well as the lives of others.

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