How To Conduct a Client Survey

In the last article entitled “Why You Need To Conduct a Client Survey for Your Business,” we shared five reasons why it is extremely valuable for your business to conduct a client survey.

As a quick reminder, surveying can help you make better marketing decisions, boost employee morale, and make informed changes to your services. Needless to say, surveying is important for your business; now, actually doing it…is easy!

Believe it or not, it really is easy to do a client survey. When I described our process in the previous article, I shared that we used questions that were developed by Steve Napolitan.

Steve Napolitan is a business and life coach who works with business owners, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, coaches, and speakers who have achieved success live the life they want without sacrifice (he even calls himself “the anti-sacrifice guy”). Steve is an amazing resource for marketing as he is an award-winning marketer who has helped companies such as Charles Schwab, Nestle, and Apple achieve success with his assistance.

Watch the video below to find out more about surveying your Wow clients from Steve.

Before I go into the strategies of conducting the surveys, it’s important to note that Steve stresses that you DO NOT call your survey “a survey”. Just tell your clients that you want to ask them a few questions.

To use Steve’s words, “How many times have you heard ‘if you’d like to take a quick survey at the end of a call’ and hung up?!? Almost always!” Thus, to get the results you are looking for, stick with, “I’d like to ask you a few questions”.

Now that you have a few questions and you will NOT call it a survey, here are the three ways we chose to conduct our surveys:

1) Telephone.

For our amazingly Wow clients, we chose to do the surveys via telephone call if possible. That way, we could have a conversation and connect with them. The phone call should only take 5-10 minutes.

2) Survey Monkey.

We used Survey Monkey for those who were not able to talk on the telephone. We told them we wanted to ask a few questions and they answered them. It took us about 10 minutes to set up the survey and send it out.

3) In-Person.

With some Wow clients, we will ask them questions when they come to our office or during lunch. Last year, we were in a hurry so we didn’t get to implement this strategy when we were conducting the survey as a project; however, when I see a client in person, I still ask them the questions.

I cannot stress enough that conducting our “Wow client survey” was one of the best things that we did for our marketing. What’s even more amazing is how easy it is.

If you are curious about conducting your own survey and you would like some guidance on how to do your client survey, I recommend exploring Steve Napolitan’s resources. He makes surveying fun and easy!

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