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About Us

medicalWhy Choose Us?


We are local

We are based in Vacaville, CA and each one of our staff members lived within 15 minutes of driving distance from our office. None of our staff members has a long commute, decreasing our carbon footprint and making sure that our staff is on time every time for your calls. Because we are all local to the San Francisco Bay Area, not only is everyone familiar with cities and counties in our area, we are also supportive of our community.


We have a physical office

Having a physical office is great for many reasons. First, we can ensure that the environment our team is working in is quiet and professional. No blenders or children in the background; just the quiet sound of success. Plus, by having our team come to our office, we can ensure that the environment and the equipment they are operating on is HIPAA/HITECH compliant. Last, being in a physical office encourages our staff members work as a team. We can train our staff on each account and work with each member of our team to make sure the know how to handle your calls.


Team Approach

We work with our clients to create an effective strategy for them that brings them results they are looking for and we continue the relationship with open communication. We understand that your business will grow and change over time; we are here to help you as you grow.



We have been in the business of answering phones for over 25 years.

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